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"It became obvious early on that working towards becoming a Certified Family Law Specialist was essential to provide the level of ongoing education required to keep up with the constant changes within the Family Law arena."
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Tonya E. Prescott

Originally from Gatesville, Texas, Tonya E. Prescott
has called southern California home for the last 45 years.
Spending 11 years as a Registered Nurse, Tonya
demonstrated her dedication to providing for her
children by working double shifts at the local hospital.
As a single Mom, Tonya discovered, first hand, the
hardships and struggles experienced by mothers and
fathers of single-parent households.

Continuing her education at Western State University
in Orange County, Tonya received her Juris Doctor degree
in 1985. She proved her proficiency in all areas of law by
passing the California State Bar on her first attempt.
On June 26, 1986, the California Supreme Court admitted
Tonya as an Attorney and Counselor at Law.

Tonya spent several years taking cases in various areas of law. Her experiences with a diverse range of cases led her to the decision to devote herself to the practice of Family Law. To legitimize her specialization, Tonya became a Certified Family Law Specialist in 1998. This achievement, as certified by the California State Board of Legal Specialization, ensures that she has passed the Family Law written examination, met continuing education requirements, and received outstanding evaluations from colleagues and judges who are familiar with her past experience.

In recognition of her experience within the law community, Tonya has served as Judge Pro Tem with the Orange County Superior Court. Her extensive knowledge about Family Law cases enables her to fulfill this duty when there is a need for additional judicial officers. She has also been appointed to serve as a Special Master of the Court. As such, Tonya is consulted to give a written report on complicated cases. A judgment will be made only after the Court reviews her report on the matter. Tonya's published case, "In Re-Marriage of Whealon", has had a significant impact on how the "move-away" issue is handled in California custody cases.

Placing value on serving her local community, Tonya has volunteered her free time to the Domestic Violence Center. There, she has been able to assist victims in obtaining emergency restraining orders for their protection. In addition to her work with the local community, Tonya adds to her list of accomplishments with her licensure as a Real Estate Broker and Pilot. Dedicated to a healthy lifestyle, Tonya runs an average of 60 miles a week and has completed over 100 marathons with her husband.